ITIS wool | Merino wool, features, maintenance. Just read on.
What is the micron? What are the features of merino wool? Why it doesn't stink and how to care about your merino clothes?

There is a hill too steep and it is full of sheep.

Some of them are running over real mountains. They are called merino sheep!

To survive climate changes between day, night, winter and summer, their wool coat has adapted. It has became a perfect natural fabric…

 Check a few of benefits below.

Thickness of the fiber is measured in microns. One micron = one milionth of a meter.

Pointing out the thickness of the merino wool fiber is important here. It’s almost invisible, a few times thinner than a human hair. Which has a diameter of approximately 50 – 100 µm. Wow!

The fiber has a diameter of 24.5 µm, max. But less is more, so with a smaller diameter the fiber gets better properties. Officially there is the thick (23–24.5 µm), medium (19.6–22.9 µm), fine(18.6–19.5 µm), superfine (15–18.5 µm) a the thinnest ultra fine (11.5–15 µm).

We make ITIS wool products of the softest material possible. Thats why they are so comfortable and soft as a feather.

Wool keeps you warm and wicks the moisture perfectly.

Even if rushing the morning train is your only movement of the day, overheating is never cool.
Natural thermrogulatory ability of merino wool takes care of that.

During the activity, the excess heat fades as morning mist. Non-biting merino wool is a perfect option for base layer, too. You can wear it even in the summer, when it prevents body from UV radiation.

If there is a really heavy sweaiting going on, nothing is lost. Merino fabric has a ability to absorb as much water as cotton. The difference is, merino is still warm.
You do’t have to change on the top of the hill anymore. Time for a well-deserved snack.

Do you measure your heart rate? Merino wool clothes can lower your heart rate instantly by 5%, mostly due to its thermoregulatory abilities.

Hygiene means health!

Leaving for a vacation or longer business trip? Always worried about overfull suitcase? Merino clothes are the best choice and solution. Why?

It is naturally antibacterial – doesn’t absorb odors. It is caused by high percentage of lanolin in merino wool and it really works! You can travel, do sports or go to school/work much longer in ITIS wool clothes than in t-shirt made of cotton or polyester.

It is very lightweight and foldable. The best way to appreciate it is to wear it.

Maintenance is also simple.


Just follow the instructions written on the leaflet. It is attached to every ITIS wool product.
In summary, we recommend:

• mashine wash – 30° C, ‘wool’ programme
• do not mashine wash with clothes, cointaining metal parts – jeans, jacket with metal zippers
• do not use bleach or fabric softener
• free dry without access of a direct heat – radiators, fire
• set iron to ‘wool’, add a little bit of steam

… and enjoy the benefits of merino wool clothes again!