ITIS wool | Heat regulation of merino wool. How come, it heats?
Heat regulation of merino wool. How come, it heats?
Heat regulation of merino wool. How come, it heats?

How come, it heats?

Wool is warm. Every little kid knows that. But how come?


How come that every time we throw on a woolen sweater, we feel the heat immediately, opposite to other materials? The answer is hidden in our body and its natural functions, respectively.


Every living creature gives off the heat. Its main objective is to maintain it and stay happy.


Let’s take a look at mammals. Most of them has some nice fur – natural temperature regulator, due which can those animals survive comfortly even in the most unpredictible circumstances. Human body is covered in fur too. Some are more hairy, some less. Unlike our ancestors, Homo Sapiens, we have much less body fur /hair/ than they had. It’s all caused by the evolution itself, better life quality, working with the basic tools and finally, clothing.


Animals, which cant build its own appartment or sew itself some coat are equipped with quality fur. For example bears, dogs or sheep.


How does it work? How come shep won!t freeze in the winter? It’s all in the fibers of their fur.





As we all know, woolen sweater bites. All of us have experienced that. It’s not because the sweater don’t like us or it is making a revenge for that long stay in our closet. It’s because the structure of its fibre. At firts sight, it’s quite smooth, but when you put the fibre under the microscope, you will see it’s everything but that. Its surface consists of millions of tiny little rough areas. These, together with pointy ends of the fibers itself are the main cause of “the itching sweater syndrome”.


These little pockets catch the heat every mammal (human) produces and helps to keep its wearer warm and comfy. The softer the fibre, the tinier the teeth - less scratchy material. But also much more pockets for the heat.


Thats why merino wool is the perfect material for manufacturing clothes with great heat regulation ability.


The fact is, the heat is produced by rubbing those itchy fibres against your skin – friction. Fishermen from the north still wear sweaters made of the roughest wool available. And they wear it directly against the skin. But they are rough men, too, so they don’t give a codfish damn about the itch.


And what about you? Still fighting with that itchy sweater? It’s time to start enjoying own heat in the thin layer of merino!

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