ITIS wool | We make stylish merino wool clothes & accessories.
Imagine biking to work, then wear performance clothes in the office or during your business lunch. Crazy? No, you can really do that! Stylish, refined performance t-shirts, turtlenecks, shirts & accessories made of merino wool for all-day use!



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    3 ways to destroy merino wool clothes

    Merino wool garment has some great features. We do not care about the odours, sweating or the lack of warmth. It doesn’t even need a special care and can last for a decade. Until you do some of ...

    24 Mar 2015
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    Movember is here. Why to grow your beard?

    It is here, again. November, Movember.   For a lot of people (mostly men) it became a rule to shave their cheeks for the last time in the end of August. They let their beard grow, sharing its pic...

    01 Nov 2014
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    How come, it heats?

    Wool is warm. Every little kid knows that. But how come?   How come that every time we throw on a woolen sweater, we feel the heat immediately, opposite to other materials? The answer is hidden...

    28 Oct 2014
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    5 things you have to do before the real winter comes.

    Before the freezing weather comes, before sidewalks get covered with slippery layer of ice, it’s a nice idea to do things you will miss in the winter for the last time now. Say goodbye to last coupl...

    24 Sep 2014